4X Car Safety Reflective Tape Sticker Door Open Warning Stickers Reflector Z9C0

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Description --> Please check the installation method before purchase: Its recommended to operate when the weather is sunny, or temperature is high, or you dont need to use the car at night.
clean the edge of the wheel hub first.
clean the place to be attached, Make sure that the surface is free of dust, water, and oil.
The surface of the hub dont sticky dust and the handle is so cleaned to prevent dust from stick ING to the adhesive surface.
use the hair dryer to heat the whole roll.
heat until the strip is soft and let it reach the wake-up effect! The effect of the heating paste is to utilize the principle of thermal expansion and contraction.
After heating, the rubber surface expands and sticks, and the cooling shrinkage immediately produces a sticky force! Note: do not use high pressure water gun to flush and drive at too high speed within 24 hours (do not exceed 80-100 yards), all can be normal after 48 hours! Specifications: Condition: 100% ne Material: PET -Size: 9.
3 cm Color: red sliver yellow green Blue -Fit with For all car models Package include: 4 pcs/set Most 24.
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4X     Car     Safety     Reflective     Tape     Sticker     Door     Open     Warning     Stickers     Reflector     Z9C0     

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